Add Your Movie Makers Listing

Discretion and Professionalism

Add your Movie Makers Listing because production companies seek local partners. Local providers present value for money and there is a valuable PR bonus to their engagement. All proprietors in this guide welcome the movie business with the discretion and professionalism required for a successful film shoot on location. So add your resources and be part of the creative industry.

Film Locations

We have every type of architecture that any film or movie may require as a backdrop or a set to perform within. Town buildings such as schools, hospitals, cinemas, galleries, libraries. Dwellings from Mansion houses down to cottages. More unusual buildings such as train stations, military installations, airport building, lighthouses. Countryside buildings such as farmhouses, barns. Industrial settings such as watermills and steam pump houses.

There are historic period settings with castles and country houses. Infrastructure such as train and tram line stations. Town or village settings with houses or cottages. Municipal buildings such as courthouses with gaols, jails and prisons. Even mines and quarries.

Also on the guide is every type of landscape on offer. From moonscape, barren and rugged terrain, mountains, coastal settings and woodland. To pastoral settings of grassland, farmland, paddocks and rolling hills.


Hotel, Bead and Breakfast (B&B), short term rented and holiday homes offer accommodation. Facilitating a production team on location nearby or indeed within the movie film location shooting estate.

Business services such as conference venues, Meeting rooms, Theatres, Party Venues and in-house or mobile catering are available.

Travel Services such as Air charter, Vehicle hire, Yacht and Powerboat Charter are presented along with Airfields, Airports, Travel Services and Personalised Itineraries.

Leisure Services include Art Galleries, Theatres, Golf Courses, Nightclubs. For food there are Inns, Pubs and Restaurants.

Production Service

From Production Unit Base to Logistics including: Security and support services. Set & Stage construction support such as Trackway Hire. Studios and theatres. The storage and accommodation of heavy equipment and vehicles. Travel services and charter.

Suppliers & Resources for Production Props and resource that cover everything from antiques to armoury; action vehicles such as locomotives and their memorabilia, vintage and modern motor vehicles, aircraft and boats and Militaria.

Professional Services include Film Commissions, Local Authorities, Production Consultants Specialist advising in the Military. Production and services companies. Stunts and Safety professionals. Animal Trainer, Instructors and training providers. Educational Services, Film Commissions, Local Authorities, Production Companies Production Consultants, Production Service Companies, Specialist Departments Suppliers & Resources and Tourist Boards.


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