Find Production Services Within The Movie Makers Guide

Find Production Services Within The Movie Makers Guide, a web portal of proprietors that actively encourage patronage from film & movie Directors, their production team, cast and film crew. Many within the Movie Makers Guide have extensive experience with the film business and some are new to this exciting endeavour.

Find Production Services is the section where film & movie Directors, their production team, cast and film crew can find everything they need to facilitate the making of their movie film.

Discretion and Professionalism

All proprietors welcome the movie business with the discretion and professionalism required for a successful film shoot on location. So take advantage of this free resources.

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Movie Film Production Logistics

Photography Security Set & Stage Studios Theatres Travel Services Unit Base European Unit Base Logistics include: Security and support services. Set & Stage construction support such as Trackway Hire. Studios and theatres. The storage and accommodation of heavy equipment and vehicles as a unit base. Travel services and charter.

Movie Film Production Props

Arts & Crafts Militaria Models & Miniatures Railway Suppliers & Resources Vehicles Production Props resource cover everything from antiques to armoury; action vehicles such as locomotives and their memorabilia, vintage and modern motor vehicles, aircraft and boats.

Production Professional Services

Educational Services Film Commissions Production Companies Production Consultants Production Service Companies Specialist Departments Suppliers & Resources Tourist Boards Production Professional Services include Film Commissions, Local Authorities, Production Consultants Specialist advising in the Military. Production and services companies. Stunts and Safety professionals. Animal Trainer, Instructors and training providers.