Addington Palace

Addington Palace is a Grade II* listed Palladian Style Mansion within 163 acres of Surrey’s finest countryside. Located only twelve miles from Central London with excellent transport links, the Palace is within the M25, 20 miles from Gatwick Airport and 26 miles from Heathrow Airport.

Perfect as a filming location and unit base for 330 cars, the Palace has accommodation available for cast and crew as well. There are large outdoor grounds and five different floors within the Palace. The first floor is an underground stone country club basement, the next 2 floors are opulent stately rooms with high ceilings, a grand chandelier and a luxurious marble fireplace. The 4th floor has a wide derelict corridor area with 16 rooms which can be used for set builds, and the 5th floor is an attic. There are many rooms available on each floor as well for break out areas like hair, makeup, costume changing, art prop storage, green areas and celebrity private rooms.

Addington Palace as a unit base can be split into 3 areas and can be hired separately or altogether. Being a 1-minute walk away from the Palace with access to water and no height restrictions, it is available for all size of Unit Bases from short, medium and long-term hires.

Addington Palace accommodations are a stone’s throw away from the Palace, available for multiple day bookings by directors, crew and talent, especially useful if they are coming from abroad as it is a 30-minute car journey from Gatwick Airport, thus they can sleep a minute away from the set for convenience. Furthermore, on the underground basement floor there are additional rooms available for prop and production storage spaces which can be hired for long periods of time as a holding area, as well as office spaces for any art crew or director meetings, or black out rooms for editing suites.

The main features are:

  1. A 5-floor Grade II listed Palladian style mansion with large outdoor grounds perfect for Filming opportunities.
  2. Unit base for 330 car parking spaces.
  3. Accommodation for filming for up to 42 guests a minute away from the Palace.
  4. Large storage areas and office spaces for holding spaces, editing spaces and crew meetings.
  5. Excellent public transport links, 12 miles from Central London.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 8662 5000 |
Addington Palace, Gravel Hill, Croydon, Surrey CR0 5BB |

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