Archway Campus

Archway Campus is a vast site in North London has served many purposes since its inception in the 1800s, including life as a hospital and a university. As such, it features an abundance of spaces that can be used as hospital rooms, waiting rooms, a police station, receptions, laboratories, doctor surgeries, classrooms, flats, offices, corridors and a lecture theatre. Being a disused site, there are no time restrictions for filming. Additionally, this site boasts a number of niche rooms and curiosities from a bell tower to long, eerie basements and boiler rooms. There is also a large gym on site for small set builds and there are plans for permanent sets to be built for crews. Archway also features 24-hour security on site, making access and recces easy and efficient to arrange at any time. This location can also accommodate unit bases and tech parking for shoots both on site and at nearby locations.

Contact: Tel: 020 3904 4545 | Email:
Archway Campus, 2-10 Highgate Hill, London, N19 5FA |

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