Breedon Hall

Breedon Hall Georgian Country House is nestled in the village of Breedon behind ancient high walls.

A lovely location in it’s own right and a perfect backdrop for commercials and photo shoots, Breedon Hall is really a first class place to accommodate senior members of the cast and crew when filming in this beautiful part of Leicestershire.

There is a row of Mews cottages on site each of which can accommodate up to four people.

There is also on site parking with plenty of room for Unit Vehicles making Breedon Hall an excellent production headquarters.

Actors will be very happy relaxing on ‘Hotel Call’ whilst being a short drive from the other fantastic location Staunton Harold Estate please follow this link for more information on this great new location. Andreskirk

For all filming enquiries and to organise a visit contact: Charles Meynell | Tel: 01332 864935 | email:

Breedon Hall, Breedon on the Hill, DERBY, Leicestershire DE73 8AN

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