Cringletie House

We are delighted to introduce this fantastic new location Cringletie House.

This beautiful setting is a must see for Location Managers; Production Managers and Art Directors.

Cringletie is ideal for many types of Period Drama; TV Commercials and Fashion Shoots. Situated in 28 acres of it’s own grounds with a beautiful walled garden attached Cringletie provides the perfect camera positions for filming the stunning surrounding Scottish Borderlands. As for the interiors they are a Production Designer’s Dream Come True!

There is extremely adequate parking for Unit Vehicles which will make Cringletie a perfect Production HQ when filming in this part of Scotland. Cringletie can cater for Children which means that Actors and their Families will very much enjoy relaxing on ‘Hotel Call’ whilst being very near to where filming is taking place.

For all Filming enquiries and to organise a Recce’ please contact: Jeremy Osbourne | Tel: 01721 725750 | Email:

Cringletie House Hotel Ltd. Edinburgh Road, Peebles EH45 8PL, Scotland | Web:

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