Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre

The Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre offers a unique opportunity for the TV and film industry. We have an original working WW2 Lancaster bomber on an original authentic WW2 Bomber Command Airfield. The only place in the world where you can have this!! We can open the whole site and all of our assets up for you to use, many of them unique.

We are the perfect location for any WW2 drama/film/programme.

We have recently featured on BBC Land Girls, BBC Doctor Who, BBC Night Flight, BBC Antiques Road Show and many other documentaries and dramas

Assets include-

  • Avro Lancaster Bomber (Taxiable)
  • Douglas DC-3 Dakota (airworthy)
  • Original Control tower recreated to original condition
  • Fordson Wot 1 Crew Bus
  • Fordson Wot 1 Fire tender
  • Original Barnes Wallis Bouncing Bomb
  • Other bombs and ordinance
  • WW2 re-enactors
  • Willeys Jeep
  • Ford 8 car
  • 1930’s Bedford Civilian Bus
  • WW2 fuel bowser
  • David Brown aircraft tug tractor
  • Bedford Queen Mary
  • Bedford water bowser
  • Austin NAAFI Wagon
  • German Searchlight and truck
  • Aircrew billet hut
  • Aircrew briefing room

Andrew Panton, Lincs Aviation Heritage Centre, East Kirkby, Spilsby, Lincs PE23 4DE

Tel: 01790 763207 | Email: | Web:

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