Millfield School

Millfield School boasts an array of picturesque film settings nestled within the idyllic Somerset countryside, enclosed within gated grounds. We have three different sites— Glastonbury Campus, Street Campus, and Kingweston House and grounds—each merely a ten-minute drive apart.

Spanning across over 500 acres, we offer a captivating tapestry of architectural styles that vary from one building to another. Beginning with Millfield House’s 1889 design, which is reflected in many of our structures being adorned with stone exteriors and classic red roofs, to the development of modern sleek facilities used for sports, events, and education. Our expansive location is also filled with hidden treasures such as an impressive theatre, a versatile conference room, a dance studio, or even a 19th-century wooden interior waiting to be discovered.

Picture your cinematic narrative: a romantic tale amid our elegant gardens, a modern comedy unfolding within our Atkinson Gallery, or a gripping murder mystery set against the historical backdrop of Edgarley Hall, once owned by the Porch Family during the Victorian era. Who am I to tell you what to produce? So, I shall let your imagination unfold.

Addressing the technical necessities of filming, we offer accommodation and a multitude of electrical outlets as well as power sources for your convenience. We highly recommend accessing our locations by vehicle as there are nearby M5 and M4 transport links, and you can benefit from our parking facilities. Additionally, it’s important to acknowledge that, as a functioning school, certain restrictions must be considered when planning your project.

The overall ambiance of Millfield is truly magical, and on top of that, it is framed by the beautiful backdrop of Glastonbury Tor. Furthermore, our locations possess distinctive characteristics, both indoors and outdoors, allowing filmmakers to capture the essence of the unpredictable yet charming British weather.

Let your vision come to life against the backdrop of history, nature, and mismatched architectural splendour. For inquiries, please talk to our team about your queries and requirements, and we can build a bespoke package for you:

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Millfield Enterprise Office, Street Campus, Butleigh Road, Street, Somerset, BA16 0YD

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