North Farmcote

We are very pleased to introduce this delightful new location North Farmcote situated on the edge of the stunning Malvern Hills which means North Farmcote provides excellent camera positions for filming the beautiful surrounding countryside.

Situated in an unspoiled environment the approaches to the house could be set in any ‘Period’ in the last 300 years which makes it suitable for many types of period drama.

North Farmcote is also suitable as a backdrop for still shoots and TV commercials.

The house was built around 1840 as a dower house for Lord Sudley’s mother. It has a flagstoned hall entrance leading to comfortable, spacious accommodation upstairs.

Right next door is St Faiths church, Farmcote, a Saxon/early Norman church around 1000 years old. The font is twelfth century.

Nearby is Beckbury Camp, an Iron Age hill fort, Hailes Abbey, ½ mile distant, now a ruin and of course Sudley Castle near Winchcombe, burial place of Catherine Parr.

For all Filming enquiries and to organise a recce please contact: David Eayrs Tel: 01242 602304 | email:

North Farmcote, Winchcombe, Gloucestershire GL54 5AU | web:

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