The Porlock Manor Estate

The Porlock Manor Estate is a stunning tract of country in west Somerset where Exmoor tumbles to the sea. The gem of the Estate is the ancient port of Porlock Weir where historic buildings cluster round the unspoilt harbour, offering many ideal locations for filming and photography.

The self-contained nature of the village and lack of modern development mean that it is easy to eliminate traffic and re-create period scenes; the whole area can be stage-managed very easily and there are excellent facilities for film crews and support services. The harbour itself has operational lock gates which are used for sluicing the harbour entrance, and period cottages occupy a spit of land between the sea and the harbour.

Behind Porlock Weir the Estate lands stretch up steep wooded slopes and valleys to a hinterland of wild, heather-covered moorland rich in wildlife. This area of ancient oak woodlands, pinewoods and larch plantations has many tracks, streams and water splashes, as well as small, deserted and enigmatic quarries. As the Estate meets ruggedly beautiful expanses of Exmoor, breathtaking seascape and moorland panoramas open up and the undulating landscape is dotted with hill farms.

The village and the wilds of Exmoor also make perfect backdrops for photo shoots, and there are also several interesting interiors that can be used as locations by arrangement. For a really enterprising shoot we also have a level track bed upon which a narrow gauge railway could be laid – there is no track at present.

For more information about the Porlock Manor Estate and Porlock Weir, as well as the extensive variety of filming locations on offer, please contact: telephone 01225 425051 |

Porlock Manor Estate Office, 14 Queen Square, Bath, Somerset BA1 2HN |

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