CTV is a film production and services company based in Tunis (Tunisia), North Africa, assisting foreign crews with films shot in this country.
If “Tunisia is an ideal country to film in”, as George LUCAS says, it is not only for the great variety of the landscapes but also the ability of its crews. CTV has always relied on people whose technical ability and professionalism are unmatched. The huge variety of local and foreign productions mean that these crew members have unparalleled experience earning the respect of the most demanding filmmakers.

The beauty of Tunisia’s beaches and its historical treasures attract millions of tourists from all over the world, with its 1298 km of coastline and the little village of Sidi Bou Said with its fabulous views, arches, doors and balconies of blue and white.
Tunis, the capital, is two hours flight from Paris and London and 45 minutes from Rome. Daily flights link Tunisia to Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe.
Tunisia is an open and hospitable country, a crossroads of civilisations, where the Mediterranean, Africa and Europe meet and unite.

web: e-mail: Tel: (216) 71 885 955 / 71 885 299 / 71 885 722     Fax: (216) 71 885 432
Address: CTV Services, 7 Avenue Mohieddine Klibi, El Manar II, 2092 Tunis, TUNISIA

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