St Dunstan’s College

We are delighted to introduce this excellent new location St Dunstan’s College.

Situated in South East London on the A406, St Dunstan’s is located in attractive and extensive grounds and provides a Victorian Gothic style backdrop for many types of Period Drama productions, which together with some of it’s most attractively designed modern interiors makes St Dunstan’s an interesting and versatile location.

Production Managers will appreciate it’s proximity to central London and it’s excellent transport links.

There is also ample parking for Unit Vehicles making St Dunstan’s an excellent Production Hub when filming in this part of South East London.

Production Designers and Art Directors will appreciate the attractive interiors in particular the Victorian style chapel.

St Dunstan’s needs to be seen to be fully appreciated, so for all filming enquiries and to organise a recce’ please contact:

Gavin Halil
Tel: 0208 516 7403/7200

St Dunstan’s College, Stanstead Road, London, SE6 4TY

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